Whats Causes Hay Fever and Seasonal Allergies?
Treatment for Seasonal Allergies

Helpful Tips to Avoid Pollen Allergy


Keep an Eye on the Weather


The Internet is the best way to check your local weather and high or low-pollen-count. Pollen counts are higher in summer when it’s warm and windy and lower in winters. Try to avoid going out on a high-pollen day, it’s a wise idea to stay inside as much as you can.

Keep Pollen Out


On high pollen, days avoid opening the windows in your home or car, use HEPA pollen filters in your air conditioners to remove pollen from the air. After washing your clothes, use a dryer to dry them instead to hanging them out, wet cloths easily pick pollen in the air. Don’t hang your laundry on a line to dry or it will pick up pollen; use the dryer If you’ve spent time outside always wash your hair and change clothes before you get into bed.  Your doctor may recommend a pollen-free buffer outside. It’s a good idea to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and a hat to keep your hair free from pollen.

Always Be Prepared


Ask your doctor for the best suitable medicine for you and when pollen season arrives, take your medication before you get symptoms of allergy.

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